Somply is a free to use software that helps business owners create a community on their own sites. With just a line of code, within 3 minutes you can create a community on your own terms and increase engagement with your brand.

Somply is completely free - now and forever.

You can use Somply in both Hebrew and English, and we plan to support other languages in the future.

Any business owner who wants to encourage engagement on their site can benefit from using Somply. Somply’s main goal is to keep users more actively engaging with your site and brand instead of going to other websites. You can even build communities with different topics to encourage conversation!

Somply keeps users on your website longer which helps with ranking (as Google values user retention and bounce rate). Beyond that, every time your users make a post, they’re generating unique content related to your brand. The more content you have, the more Google takes notice of your site and your niche. Somply helps amplify this by optimizing for SEO and including a unique URL for every post made.

Somply suitable for all types of sites – whether you use HTML, WordPress, or most other common site builders.

Your Community Name is what you would like to call your community. This is an internal name, and you can later choose what you’d like the community name to appear as to your users.

A domain name is your website URL.

הוראות ל SEO נכון.

עבור SEO יש עדיפות שלכל הפוסטים בפורום שלך תהיה כתובת על הדומיין שלך. כדי שזה יקרה יש לבצע אחת מהפעולות הבאות.

או אוטומטית:

  • 1. וודא שהפורום שלך מותקן על מחיצה חדשה וריקה (עדיף).
  • 2. הורד את הקובץ הזה ופרוס אותו לתוך התיקיה.
  • 3. גלוש מהדפדפן לכתובת $domain.install.php
  • 4. מלא אחר ההוראות.

או ידנית

  • 1. במחיצה החדשה מצא או צור את הקובץ .htaccess (שים לב! לקובץ זה יש נקודה בתחילתו! (.) )
  • 2. הוסף בקובץ זה בהתחלה הוסף את השורות הבאות:

  • RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L]

  • 3. וודא שהפורום שלך נמצא בכתובת index.php


In the bar on the right click on "Profile" then select "Edit Profile".

Once you’ve generated your custom Somply community code on our home page, all you have to do is upload the code. Follow this instruction video for more information:

Once you have generated your code, copy the code to a page on your website. If you do not have technical knowledge we highly recommended you watch this video:

Nope! With Somply you can have unlimited posts and users – all for free!

No limit! If you want, you can even create several Communities on your site, each one having a different topic.

NOTE: API use is for advanced users.
First you need to find your API token in your profile.
Then, use CURL or other methods with GET or POST to add a message to your community like this:

Here’s an example of how Somply looks to other users: After you create your Community, you can change the colors and add the code to any page, even pages containing other content such as logos, advertisements, or blog posts.

In the box that reads "What are you thinking about?" Write your post and then click "Publish". Here’s a video example for more information:

This can happen for two main reasons:

  • 1. Incorrect entry of your site – make sure to check that your site URL was written correctly.
  • 2. Error in Community name - This can happen if you type in Hebrew or if you use spaces. It is important to write the name of your community in English without spaces.