Somply from the HighCode software is designed to solve a number of publisher problems. Whether you have a small or medium-sized site, or a huge site with tens of thousands of users, your interest as a site owner is to keep the users on your site.

Today, without a community around the site or brand the user experience is compromised so website owners must set up a group on Facebook or other social media in order to create and preserve a community.

Following this action there are two main problems- The first problem is that in this way the publishers give Facebook their users, and the users leave the site in favor of Facebook.

The second problem is that publishers give Facebook not only their users but also the content of the users. The content that uploads it to Facebook from the home page is blocked by search engine robots and therefore the ranking of publishers in Google is compromised.

Somply returns control to you for free!

- You can set up a community and Communitys for free on your site and with your domain! Which means that the users stay with you.

-You can control the posts and the published material and also enjoy SEO for the benefit of promoting your site in Google.

Somply strives to advance technologically. Do you have any ideas for improvement? We'll be glad to hear! Contact us on the contact page and we will understand how we can move forward together.