How do I secure a username for my fan page?


You first need to get a minimum of 25 fans. Then go to
http://chatbooth/username to register a unique username (vanity URL) for your fan Page. See this Help section on Facebook for more assistance with usernames.

If the username you want shows as not available (and when you go to pull up the URL, nothing comes up), you’ll need to contact Facebook directly. See this directory of forms. I have not yet found a form specifically for this request, but you could try a form like the one for intellectual property infringement.


Why do @ tags only work some of the time?


You can @ tag any friend, or fan Page you’ve liked, or Event to which you’ve RSVP’d. However, depending on a few temporary bugs on Facebook and possibly browser issues, @ tags are not always 100% reliable. I’ve found clearing cache, restarting my browser, switching from Firefox to Safari or Chrome, or logging out of Facebook and back in again can help in getting @ tags to function properly. This goes for the new @ tags in comments too.


Can I pre-schedule content to my fan Page and include links with a thumbnail?


Answer : Sure. chatBooth does this nicely – add your chatBooth Page under Settings > Social Networks. Then when you add an update with a link, just like on Somply, you’ll be able to cycle through the thumbnail choices and select the one you want.