Gardening Questionnaire  

Let's start knowing each other's gardening view. Comment below the answers.


1. What sort of Garden do you have?

  1. Large Garden/Farm
  2. Normal front/back garden
  3. Normal front/back garden

2. Do you grow your own food?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, Sometimes
  3. No, But i would like to

3.What is your reason for Gardening?

  1. Enjoyment of gardening
  2. To grow food
  3. Other (please specify)



Rose Gardening: Secrets To Success

Choosing a rose requires research if you want to get the rose that's best suited for your situation. You may be selecting a rose to fill a specific role in the landscape or simply need one that will survive in your garden's growing conditions.  

Whatever the case, you can take the guesswork out of choosing a rose with our easy-to-follow guide. Find the growing conditions that match your needs, and you'll find a rose, or two, that could work for you.



Roses thrive when they get at least six hours of sun and rich, well-drained soil. When you're looking for a rose for this situation, you have limitless choices. You can't go wrong with  All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winners, like 'Pink Promise.'

'Pink Promise'
The official rose of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and a 2009 AARS winner, 'Pink Promise' unfurls 5-inch-wide blossoms atop long, elegant stems ideal for cutting. Blooms boast a light, fruity fragrance. Foliage shrugs off disease with ease. A percentage of the sales of this beauty go to fund breast cancer education and early detection.

  • Size:  5 feet high and 3-4 feet wide
  • Hardiness: , may survive winters in Zone 5 with protection
  • Landscape Use:  Mixed planting beds and borders, cutting gardens

Other great roses for ideal sites include our  favorite fragrant roses


5 Best Plants For Balcony Garden  

  1. Marigold
  2. Begonias
  3. Hyacinth
  4. Creeping  Roses
  5. Money Plant